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Product Image Seed of Life Moon Crop Zip-Up Hoodie

Seed of Life Moon Crop Zip-Up Hoodie

$ 72.00

Women's Seed of Life Moon Zip Up Crop Hoodie - Womens Sacred Geometry Festival Hoodie

This comfortable black American Apparel crop top hoodie is decorated with my hand drawn Seed of Life Moon design. This back design features a large print of my dot-work Moon drawing and moon phases all printed in glow in the dark ink. This design is then finished off with a gold Seed of Life printed over the glow in the dark Moon design.

This piece of wearable art is perfect for anyone who enjoys Sacred Geometry, as well as those looking for an awesome and unique piece of hand made clothing! It is perfect for your black-light events and for cold festival evenings!

Hand drawn and screen printed.

100% Cotton

Check out the makers Instagram: @UriahClearLight to learn more about his art and to see behind the scenes content on his entire process, from creating each new design by hand with pen and paper, to designing and hand screen printing each item in house. He also host weekly giveaways, announces Sales events, and offer exclusive deals for his community of followers!