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Product Image 3 pack of masks

3 pack of masks

$ 45.00

3 organic cotton masks with built in filter.

I’ve had so many ask for masks made to match my handmade clothing, but I mainly work with knits and although I do use the finest organic cotton, knits aren’t ideal for mask making because the fibers stretch open, letting moisture through, vs woven fabrics, that don’t stretch.  I found a solution though!  Each of these masks has a woven cotton filter on the inside.  Match your outfits with organic cotton/Lycra knit on the outside, and a cotton filter on the inside, which properly protects you and the community. 

These are sooo soft and feel good against your skin.  Straps won’t irritate your ears.

*the tie dye fabric is not organic cotton/bamboo.  It is rayon Lycra and is only used in the front, outside layer.